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Warranty -  Rudy's Auto Body & Paint

This is a Limited Warranty and stipulations pertaining to each part stated hereafter: 

1. Repair Work:  The work provided is under a Lifetime Limited Warranty, from effective date stated herein, on all metalwork and framework to include welding and the application of materials used in making any collision repairs against cracking, flaking, pitting or deterioration, not including rust repairs. 

2. Painting:  The work provided is under a Lifetime Limited Warranty from effective date stated herein, on painting-related priming and paint work done, including work against:  peeling, hazing, and excessive loss of pigmentation. Backed by paint manufacturers warranty.

3. Parts:  The work provided is under a Lifetime Limited Warranty from the manufacturer of said parts. Please note that shop warranty does not exceed manufacturer’s warranty.  

Section 1-3:  The shop will repair, repaint, or replace any items in sections 1-3, when claim is made while present owner stated herein owns the vehicle, unless caused by or damaged resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle. This warranty shall be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted, or tampered with by any person not authorized by the Warranty Grantor. 

4. Specifically Excluded:  A. Incidental costs, such as towing fees, car rental charges, travel expenses, or assemblies and components which are not specifically covered by this Limited Warranty, nor are consequential damages, such as damage to other assemblies and components resulting from a defective part or installation of such part installed or repaired during the repair. B. Rust, surface rust, rust through, and/or damage caused by rusting of interior or exterior panels is not covered. This states all the limited warranties made by the shop and contains the only promises for which it will be responsible. 

5. Customer’s Obligations:  In order to secure the full warranty benefits, the owner of the vehicle must do the following:  A. Present the owner’s copy of this warranty document to the warrantor before requested warranted repairs or parts; B. Have any warranted repair, adjustment, or inspection made only at the premises of the warrantor during normal business hours. 

All Warranties implied by law, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the warranty period herein and shall expire at the end of said period.




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